Expressly Network is the new FREE offering by Expressly. Access the portal to manage your cross-marketing campaigns with existing or new partners in our network. JOIN today and start acquiring new customers.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up to the Expressly Portal -

  2. Log into Expressly Portal - and click ‘Get Started’ or view your notifications.

  3. From this page click on the Expressly Welcome message and select ‘Complete profile’. (Alternatively select ‘Complete Profile’ from the top )

  4. Fill in the profile page with information about your website and upload a logo (best format is jpg, 500x500).

  5. After your profile has updated, click on ‘Verify your account’.

  6. Verify your account using one of the suggested methods or get in touch with us here.

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Finding Partners

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  1. After your account has been verified, click on ‘Partner Finder’ and apply any filter (e.g., by size, industry).
  2. Review the list of potential partners, click on the one you would like to partner with and click 'Connect'. (Repeat with all desired partners)

  3. Wait for the partner to accept your invitation. You will be notified if they choose to accept.

Creating A Bid

  1. (For accepted partners) In your notification area, click ‘Create Bid’ to get started with your new partnership.
  2. Create the bid for your partner. If accepted, they will display your advertisement to their users.

  3. Once the bid is submitted, your partner will be notified.

Starting A Campaign

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  1. Once your partner has created a reciprocal bid you will need to approve it before starting the campaign.

  2. After all the bids have been accepted, you will receive a success message - a campaign is now ready to be launched.

  3. The available campaigns are email, post checkout or banner. Please look at the example below for email campaigns. Contact us for the other types.

Launching Email Campaign

  1. Go to ‘My Campaigns’ and click on the desired campaign. Here click on ‘Settings’.
  2. To act on the campaign,

    • Download your partner’s banner. You will place this in your email.

    • Click on the ‘Allow unrestricted e-mail address migration’ box.

    • Copy the link…/ (found below the box you have just clicked on) . This will direct interested users to your partner’s website.

  3. Prepare your emails in your email programme:

    • Upload your partner’s banner.

    • Paste the clickthrough link you previously copied behind the banner and in the form of a call-to-action button (e.g. DISCOVER NOW). Please ensure to substitute the final part of the link (<email-address>) with the correct merge tag. For MailChimp the merge tag is *|EMAIL|*. Please note that all email programs have this feature.

    • Briefly introduce your partner with a couple of lines of text to fully engage your customers. Your chosen partner will do the same.

  4. Before launching we suggest to test your emails to check that the process runs smoothly. Marketers should:

    • Send a test email to an email account which is already registered with their shop (e.g. their own one).

    • Clickthrough to their partner’s shop.

    • Check that the Expressly Lightbox is visualized.

    • Click OK and verify whether they get a success message and become registered users.


Monitoring Campaign Progress

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  1. Once emails are sent you can monitor progress inside of the 'My Campaigns' panel.

  2. To change the name or banner of the revenue generating campaign (Sending users to partners site) simply select it and click settings.

  3. To change the landing page or tracking parameters of the growth campaign (Partners sending you users) simply select it and click settings.

What To Do If You Receive A Bid

download (1).png
  1. When you receive a bid you will be notified and you can choose to Accept it or Delete it.

  2. If the giver has asked for a reciprocal offer you will then be taken to the reciprocal offer page.

  3. Create the offer you wish to return.

  4. Wait for their approval.