Coupon Pools Guide

When creating campaigns with partnered merchants in the Expressly network, you can make offers more appealing to potential customers by adding coupons. Coupon pools are a set of individual codes which can been added to at any time. Create a set by clicking on 'Coupon Pool' within the Expressly Portal. 

Every coupon inside the pool must be unique and duplicates will be ignored. 

Create a Coupon Pool

This section contains the name of your coupon pool as well as a setting to enable notifications for when your pool is running low. If you would like to change these options, please follow these instructions:

  1. To change the coupon name, navigate to the coupon name field and change the data.
  2. To enable email notifications, navigate to the field and input the quantity of coupons you would like to start receiving notifications.

Specify Coupon Codes

This section allows you to upload coupon codes to be used inside of your coupon pool.

You can upload coupons in two ways. Either upload them in a text (.txt) file or copy and paste them directly into the browser.

To perform either of these functions please follow these instructions

  1. Click the 'Select Coupon Codes' button.
  2. Navigate to the file stored on your computer and click 'Okay'.
  3. Alternatively, open your text file, then copy and paste the codes into the field below.
  4. Click 'Create Coupon Pool'.