Expressly helps merchants find partner merchants and launch customer acquisition campaigns to their respective audiences.

Our unique, 1-click journey provides a customer experience that greatly reduces friction and increases conversion.

Here a few steps to get started!


Step one: sign up

Sign up for free to the Expressly Portal for an easy way to find like-minded merchants and run customer acquisition campaigns with them. 

Keep your profile up-to-date for your potential partners. 


Step two: find partner merchants

Browse the list to find the merchants you'd like to work with, targeting similar audiences but not competing with you. 

Use the "Connect" button to invite other merchants. 

Accept incoming invitations and discover new opportunities.

Step three: set up the campaign

Complete our campaign proposal form, choosing
- your fees
- the type of campaign (for example, an email campaign)

Upload your campaign assets, and get your website integrated via these simple instructions 

(Tech questions? Get in touch )

Step four: launch

Review and finalise the campaign with the help of Expressly's team.

Hit the launch button, and start getting new customers!

Then, why not start planning another campaign?

More questions? Check out our FAQs