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+ What is Expressly?

Expressly is a revolutionary new digital marketing technology that delivers new users and customers with an elegant 1-click onboarding, by leveraging data already spread across other websites and apps. No more registration or security checks - today you can WELCOME new users just as they deserve: with 1-click.


Expressly's unique technology, which migrates user data between partner websites, creates Powerlinks. Thanks to Powerlinks, users don't have to register all over again at news sites, removing unnecessary frictions - Powerlinks migrate user data, saving them time and delivering new sites real users with just 1-click.

+ What are the benefits of using the 1-click journey?

The 1-click journey enables new visitors to create an account and login as they land, with clear benefits:

  • Avoid form-filling, a major cause of friction
  • Open direct communication channel as users are automatically added to customer database
  • Natively link users' interactions across devices An improved journey leads to 10-20x more relationships, and eventually higher conversion.

+ What is the Expressly Network?

The Expressly Network allows member merchants to find each other and start customer acquisition campaigns between themselves using the Powerlinks technology. Join for free at https://portal.buyexpressly.com.

Data, security, privacy

+ What is Expressly's 1-click journey?

Expressly allows customers landing on a new site to register and log in immediately after clicking through an Expressly enable link (or Powerlink), users land on the second website and are shown the personalised consent lightbox, served by Expressly. No personal data is transferred to the second website until the customer consents by clicking 'Ok'. Check out our demo: https://demo.buyexpressly.com

+ What kind of data do merchants receive?

Typically full name, email and delivery address. This may vary depending on the campaign. Powerlinks are able to transfer additional information that is relevant to the marketing campaign (coupon codes, event times or locations, and more)

Yes. When landing on the receiving websites, users explicitly choose whether to consent to the data migration. If they don't, no data is migrated.

+ When a user is registered through this process, do they agree to the new site's policies?

Yes. Customers can review all the policies of the destination merchants before giving consent to the account creation. The consent lightbox contains links to all relevant policies. You can control your own site's links in the account page within the Expressly Network: https://portal.buyexpressly.com/my-account/profile

+ Does Expressly keep the user data?

Expressly only logs the user data necessary to carry out the services and reporting (e.g., tracking registration) on behalf of other websites where users have given their full opt-in consent. More details here: https://buyexpressly.com/privacy


+ How does my website integrate with Expressly?

Our distinctive technology is very simple to integrate, and allows us to power the 1-click journey that customers love. It also allows the tracking of campaign success. More information and guides here: https://developer.buyexpressly.com


+ Any other questions?

Please ask here: https://buyexpressly.com/contact/