Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is Expressly?

Expressly is a London-based marketing tech company. Our data-rich technology powers a distinctive 1-click user journey, allowing customers to skip registration and login on any new site. Watch the video on our homepage:

+ Why is Expressly good for you?

Thanks our unique technology you can enjoy:

  • Fast and secure shopping, as your details are automatically transferred once you click on an offer powered by Expressly, no need to re-enter your details at check-out!
  • Complete opt-in experience, with your data never transferred anywhere without your explicit consent.
  • When possible, offers automatically applied to your basket, no need to search for any offered items or coupon codes.

Data and Privacy

+ What personal details are transferred?

Sites typically receive your full name, email, delivery address and offer details (e.g., coupon). Any additional items are listed at the top of the OK consent dialog box, and are limited to the ones required to have the best experience at the new site.

+ Are you transferring my payment details?

Typically not. If that is an option, it's clearly listed. In any case, we NEVER transfer your actual payment details (e.g., your card number), but only secure anonymous tokens that can be used only with your consent.

+ Do you Expressly store my data?

Expressly helps you get value from your data very efficiently, transferring what you need securely in the background. We store the information only for this purpose, and we do not use it nor transfer it without your consent. For more information on how your information is used and stored at Expressly, please see our Privacy Policy (

+ I wish to opt-out of any mailing lists from new sites; how do I do that?

If you wish to opt-out from any mailing lists, you can unsubscribe looking for the unsubscribe link listed in each email (typically located at the bottom of the email).


+ Any other questions?

Please ask here: