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Picture a new store on your local high street. The staff repeatedly hands promotional leaflets to the same lady walking by (95 to be exact). She declines day after day, but eventually pays a visit.

There’s something unusual about this store. The lady didn’t expect an identification check, a call to her bank or be asked to write down her payment details. Not the most pleasant customer experience, I’m sure you’d agree.

This scenario might sound rare and farfetched on the high street. But millions of online customers face this problem when they shop between ecommerce stores. We’ve all bailed on a purchase at checkout. Imagine how many sales are lost this way.

Internet ads suck

We’re not the only ones that think that. According to our January 2017 market research of UK consumers, over 97 percent of the population are unsatisfied. Tweet This

The problem is that ad campaigns aren’t wholly personalised to what the customer feels and wants at the right time. If they do ‘click through, browse and checkout’, payment forms stop them in their tracks. And there goes another customer that ‘could have been’.

Expressly turns ads into actions, and streamlines checkouts with ‘1-click’

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Businesses sell more when the customer is actively in ‘shopping mode’ or already trusts the store. Tweet This

Expressly uniquely helps you find publishers/advertisers within our community of +200 merchants, so you can cross-sell relevant products or offer deals that pair perfectly with their customers’ purchase. Our hybrid performance marketing solution gives you a 10-15x higher conversion rate.

An individual ad is shown a maximum of 5 times, to new customers only. We welcome them with a personalised message, assuring them that both stores are credible partners. Privacy questions are asked before transferring data from the previous site, email or app. It’s also far more secure than asking them to enter their details again.

Expressly needs a little technical integration to make the magic happen. But just 1 day’s implementation is required, and you’re ready to boost the monetisation of your space or receive new customers, for less!

Customers love this enjoyable, straightforward and tailored shopping experience. Here’s your opportunity to get started now.

Learn more about how you can enjoy the lowest customer acquisition costs in the industry, the highest conversion rates, and the best customers. Save millions of pounds every year, while multiplying your ROI.

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