5 ways to improve your digital marketing strategy using Expressly in 2017

The new year is an ideal time to reflect on your business performance, and in particular your overall marketing strategy. Whether you’ve experienced growth, or your results weren’t what you hoped, here are 5 ways that you can use Powerlinks to give your overall strategy a boost. Make optimum use of your Expressly partnership by embedding this technology throughout your marketing mix.

Marketing Emails

Any marketer using email campaigns as part of their strategy will be aware of the volume of sales emails sent to recipients, and the challenges posed in persuading the recipient to read and click-through to your store, let alone make a purchase. So here’s how to stop your e-shots from being flagged as junk mail, and encourage a sale now or later. Tweet This

When promoting a product, service or the overall brand, you can cut through the crowd of sales emails by offering content that your customer will find interesting or rewarding to read. Tweet This Ask yourself, “what does my target audience typically want or like to know, and how can I build my product into that content?”. Clips of interesting facts, news, opinion pieces or links to tutorials are good places to start, expanded upon within your blog or relevant areas of your site.

As part of your email, embed an Expressly Powerlink to a relevant product or offer from yourself or your partner merchants, and ensure that your partners do the same for you. Powerlinks bring your marketing emails to life by offering a single-click purchase.


The major advantage of post-checkout Powerlinks is that the customer is still in ‘shopping mode’. Tweet This This presents a great opportunity to cross-sell, especially if the offers are well targeted and connect with their needs at that specific moment. A 1-click purchase option boosts the chances of a sale twofold, compared to a traditional ad. Tweet This

Upon completion of a purchase, a customer on an Expressly partner’s website can be presented with one of your offers (in the form of a banner or button, for example). Work with your partner merchants to expose your respective customers to any services or products that complement their purchase.

Loyalty Offers

Expressly’s platform is ideal for offering customer loyalty rewards. You can boost sales in two ways:

1) Create unique deals from your brand that relevant partner merchants can offer to their dedicated customers. Tweet This They can share these through their own voucher rewards section.

2) Start your own loyalty voucher scheme. Surprise your customers, make them feel good about your business and add value to your brand to encourage repeat custom. Do this by ‘hand-picking’ deals from merchants that complement your proposition, or ask Expressly to help choose offers that feel compelling and ‘make sense’ to your audience.

On-Demand Content

Let’s suppose that your customer lands at Heathrow airport. A customer can book a taxi with Addison Lee using details already provided to British Airways. Through a Powerlink ad shown during the journey, the customer can buy a daily newspaper to read on their iPad, or can pre-order food or drink at a local outlet.

Expressly opens up your brand to mobile users who are in a position for impulse 1-click purchases in particular situations or physical locations. You can pre-empt their needs and desires at specific moments. Tweet This

Smartphone or tablet purchases are often hindered by customers’ mobile security concerns. So Expressly’s technology always informs the customer that they can decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to allowing ‘Brand 1’ to share their data with their trusted partner ‘brand 2’. Between 50%-80% of users select ‘yes’.

Learn more about how to adapt your offering to scenarios where a customer is ‘out and about’ or mid-activity.

A bespoke ‘One Click’ service for your business

Did you know that we can create a bespoke, specially-tailored version of our 1-click purchase technology for use across your business portfolio?

Licence the Expressly 1-click purchase architecture as a ‘white label’ product, and host it within your own servers. This is a great option for businesses operating across several online brands, who want to cross-sell and transfer customer payment details internally between websites. Get in touch with our team at Expressly here, and we’ll create a product that perfectly suits your requirements.

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