New Year’s offer: 500 new customers FREE and forever lower CPA

Executive Coach and Psychologist Ray Williams reports that people commonly fail their New Year’s resolutions because of “set unrealistic goals and expectations”.

But Expressly created a very realistic goal for January 2017.

Let your first Expressly campaign be the profitable resolution that you can actually keep! Tweet This

The special offer: give us unused space on your checkout receipt emails and/or page, and earn 500 bonus, FREE new hyper-targeted customers. A gift that keeps on giving: the space will be populated with highly relevant, complementary offers, that will continue to earn you credits towards FREE customer acquisition in the future.

So here come our recommended New Year resolutions:

  • Goal 1:
    “500 new high-quality customers without spending a penny on advertising costs.”

  • Goal 2:
    “Cut 50% off CPA compared to PPC, making new customers’ shopping experience more fun and immediate.”

If you're a registered partner but haven't yet launched your first campaign, then January is an ideal time to open your brand to relevant and reliable customers with Expressly. Tweet This

How do I claim my free referrals?

Complete the following to acquire your free leads:

  • Step 1: Log in to your Expressly account, and add a Powerlink to your post-checkout email receipts and/or page, with your preferred format. Your 500 customer bonus will then appear in your account.

  • Step 2: Use your credits by planning your first campaign. Promote a product of your choice, and connect with merchants that complement your own brand offering to communicate with their customers.

Your Powerlinks will continue to generate even mores credit to acquire new customers forever!

How does Expressly work? Remind me!

Expressly is a fresh and truly unique approach to digital marketing. By eliminating barriers for new customers, and unlike PPC advertising, our referral ads target websites and apps where customers are already registered. Therefore, all new incoming visitors are 100% qualified through a proven identity and carefully hyper-targeted to the products and services you offer. And we let them register with a single click!

This results in:

  • 50% higher payoff versus traditional advertising like ad banners, email or SMS

  • 2x lower acquisition cost with the unparalleled formula: "guaranteed max CPA"

  • 1-click, secure and friendly onboarding for ALL new customers

Here’s our secret ingredient: we ask customers if they would like to transfer their existing registration data to buy advertised items. We found that 50 to 80% of the customers are happy to share their data across and simplify their purchase.

Can you give me an example?

Let’s imagine you book an Addison Lee taxi from their ClubLee app. Whilst booking, it offers you 10% off Oliver Sweeney shoes. When you click the ad, the landing page on the Oliver Sweeney mobile website asks you for permission to use your existing Addison Lee registration data.

Oliver Sweeney immediately trusts that you are a genuine customer. Meanwhile, you’ve found an item that suits you, at a great price with payment convenience you’d usually expect in-store.

When you start a campaign, your ad is shown only through merchants that complement your offering, and you never pay for a customer twice. In fact, we give you complete control on whitelisting candidate partners to all our advertisers, so you can be sure that you’re communicating with your ideal customer.

How do I try out an Expressly campaign FREE? Tweet This

Starting an ad campaign with an Expressly partner merchant is much like opening the door to a whole new world of customers. Tweet This

It’s a great way to prepare for a new year of business. Inside the portal you will find guides to embedding Powerlink ads into your checkout emails, and/or anywhere else throughout your communication, and you’ll receive your free customer referrals.

Our 500 leads offer expires on 31st January 2016, so log in to the portal today.

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