How to offer instant, 1-click orders and increase sales with Expressly

Tweet: 1-click purchases guarantee an increase in your lead conversion by at least 200%. by @ExpresslyUK

"1-click purchases guarantee an increase in your lead conversion by at least 200%."

Imagine yourself as a customer, about to order luxurious new furniture for your home, or a new car. You’re ready to checkout, but are greeted by yet another form, demanding payment and delivery details.

According to research, 98% of online shoppers never buy anything due to lack of convenience, amongst other aspects. Tweet This

Emotion plays a major part in our shopping decisions. When short on time, a long-winded stretch of checkout ‘form filling’ can reduce your customer’s excitement to pure frustration. The effort involved won’t always justify the purchase of smaller, cheaper consumer goods or services. The sale is vulnerable to the customer’s chance for second thoughts. Tweet This

Perhaps it’s a product or service they ‘want’, not ‘need’. Maybe they don’t need that 50 inch Ultra HD TV after all. A slow and frustrating ordering process can be a deal breaker.

Demand for instant 1-click purchases is now commonplace, where payment details are stored for speedy future transactions. Users of eBay and Amazon, for example, have become accustomed to this process. A 1-click checkout experience is now vital for optimising your store's conversions and retention. Tweet This


Introducing Powerlinks - Quicker purchases by bringing businesses together

Expressly has created Powerlinks, a 1-click technology that increases your sales in two ways:

  1. It simplifies the checkout process
  2. It introduces you to a new pool of warm sales leads.

Learn more about how Expressly’s e-commerce solution works here.

Powerlinks can be used in many ways (such as post-checkout banners, buttons or product listings), but behind them all is Expressly’s technology that migrates customer data from one partner store to another, when the customer makes their next purchase.

A 1-click shopping journey results in 10-20x more leads and immediately higher conversions. Powerlinks create a more efficient, seamless and enjoyable shopping process for customers, especially through mobile devices. Tweet This

Warm sales leads. New marketing opportunities

Over 200 merchants already sell through Expressly. That’s a huge client base of 18 million potential customers. Powerlinks can be used throughout your marketing mix. Email campaigns, for instance, can be targeted to existing customers using details from within the network.

With only real, qualified shoppers clicking through to your website, it’s easy to see how Expressly’s brand of 1-click purchases can guarantee an increase in your lead conversion by at least two-fold.

Read about the many ways Expressly Powerlinks can be used in your marketing and website here.


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